The Worshyp Bio

The Worshyp are a Heavy Metal band based out of Toronto, Canada. The band’s founder Marz Nova named the band The Worshyp as a salute to how heavy metal fans love, and almost worship, their music as if it were a religion to them. The name has no ties to any real organized religion.

In the spring of 2010 Marz recruited Danish guitarist Thor Rune as well as bassist Mig Diablo & KK Devina both from Peru and former band members of Ex Iron Maiden Vocalist Paul Di’Anno. Singer/guitarist Marz Nova is from Toronto. The band’s chemistry is based on strong vocal melodies sung over driving guitar riffs set to today’s lower tunings.

“I disliked the less melodic direction that modern heavy metal had been taking and I wanted to hear some riff driven traditional metal with today’s lower tunings. To that end I began writing the material for The Worshyp.” Marz Nova – The Worshyp

Kingdom Earth, their debut album, was released in January 2011. The single “Left For Dead” is currently in beta testing to be released on the next version of RockBand.

Their latest album, Evil Abounds produced by legendary Glen Robinson, is due to be released in late February 2012. The album features Jimmy DeGrasso, ex-Megadeth, on drums. Preview clips of the first four singles have been released on Reverbnation.

They currently have an active fanbase of over 90,000 people.


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