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Evil Abounds debuts at #5 on CD Baby’s top selling Metal albums!


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The Worshyp will be releasing their second album Evil Abounds on May 8th 2012. The Album ws recorded in Montreal, Canada and produced by Grammy nominated producer Glen Robinson (GWAR, Annihilator, David Grohl, VoiVod The Tea Party). Evil Abounds features former Megadeth, Y&T, Alice Cooper drummer Jimmy DeGrasso on the drums.

The Worshyp’s debut CD “Kingdom Earth”  is slated for a late fall release.  Here is the CD track order.

Side 1:

1)       Kingdom Earth (4 song concept)

a)       “Crop Circle”

b)       “Under Surveillance”

c)       “My World”

d)       “The Sewers”

Side 2:

1)       “Ganglords”

2)       “The Manic’s Mantra”

3)       “Left For Dead”

4)       “Never Afraid”

5)       “Spirit Keys” is live although only partially complete. Please also join us on: